ALL SkinnyFATS “Healthy Side” items are magically 600 calories and less

I love SkinnyFATS because…

I am addicted to the salted caramel cookie. I actually hate you guys for causing me to want those things like a crack fiend. The Montucky Coldsnack + cookie happy hour combo was a personal jab on me. Since that was my go to order especially after a tough day. It was only when I realized the secret menu was actually written somewhere on the board did I discover the mind games ya’ll be playing. I made it my goal to find something gross or weird about you guys. Still looking. Just know guys…I’m on to you… and I notice everything…just because your food is delicious and the beer selections are legit doesn’t mean you could pull the wool over this wolf’s eyes!!! Shout out to Kay Kay(Kaycie), Fonzi, Elise and Chasen!

~ Jay, aka “Holiday” aka “Papa” aka “TheRowdyOne”

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